Why buy from a dealer?

Buying from your local dealer assures good service. They can advise you on local requirements, and ensure that your boat and trailer comply. They have experience in shipping or importing the boat, which involves documentation and adherence to regulations that can be quite complex if one is not familiar with the procedures. They are also available for advice before and after the purchase, and for warranty assistance if necessary. Dealers often have a boat available for demonstration, or may be able to put you in touch with a current owner in your area.


How do I find a dealer in my area who has boats in stock?

That’s easy-we’ll locate one near you:

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What are the differences between the Tattoo 26 and the MacGregor 26?

The Tattoo 26 differs from the MacGregor 26 as follows:

  • The standard boat is white with blue stripes on both the hull and deck.  The blue is a dark navy and the white is warmer than MacGregor white.  We also offer a navy blue hull with white stripes.
  • We have reduced the size of the stripes on the deck. We also break the upper stripe between the side and front windows.
  • Stern rails are now standard equipment.
  • The steering pedestal has been redesigned.  We have modified the helmsman’s seat both to strengthen it and make access easier.
  • The interior liner is cream and the cushions are a lighter color with a higher-grade cushion foam.  This is neutral enough that the entire look of the interior can be changed with a few accent colors.  The bulkheads are now bamboo rather than mahogany finish.
  • The table is molded fiberglass that incorporates storage.
  • The standard trailer has a galvanized tongue and wheels.  The jack and hitch are bolted on rather than welded so they are easier to repair or replace.
  • We install a ballast plug with a molded female receiver instead of trying to adjust the plug to the hole in the fiberglass tank.
  • A 6-switch 12-volt panel and LED lights are now standard.
  • The seat hatches in the cockpit are supplied with straps to keep fuel tanks from sliding out.
  • Lines are coded with color tracers, and halyards are led aft to the cockpit.
  • The mainsail has been redesigned with a larger head to increase sail area slightly and give a more modern look.
  • A topping lift to hold the boom up is now standard.
  • The traveller is replaced with a pad eye on centerline and offset positions to move the boom out of the cockpit at anchor.  A 4:1 vang is standard equipment.  We fit Lewmar aluminum sheet winches.
  • We use high quality ISO-DCPD resin instead of Ortho-DCPD resin for improved osmosis resistance.


What if there is no dealer in my area?

We can ship you a boat directly from the factory in Florida. Simply fill in the ‘Find a Dealer” form and we will provide you with shipping information to your specified area. If you prefer to buy a boat from a nearby area please let us know in the ‘Comment’ field.


Can I import a boat from U.S. or Canadian dealers for export?

U.S. and Canadian dealers are not authorized to sell boats for overseas use. Whatever the overseas destination, the warranty is void if the boat is purchased through a U.S. or Canadian dealer, as they cannot provide the aftermarket service we feel the boat owner deserves. North America specification boats cannot be shipped into Europe. Boats built for use in the North America do not bear the CE mark, which requires modifications at the factory. The CE mark cannot be applied after the boat is delivered.


Can I buy a used boat in the U.S. for shipment to Europe?

No, because boats built for the North America market do not comply with CE requirements. All boats (new and used) imported into the European Community from June 1998 are required to comply with the Recreational Craft Directive and be marked accordingly. Used boats not originally built for the European market cannot be CE marked. Customs agents could impound a used boat imported from North America upon importation, as it would not be legal for use in the European Community.


What CE category is the Tattoo 26?

The Tattoo 26 Power Sailer can be CE marked for Category C.


Why is my dealer’s price different than the factory website?

The price on the Tattoo Factory website is the suggested list price for a basic boat and trailer FOB the Florida factory. We suggest that you ask your dealer the specific reasons for the price difference. Some or all of following items will increase the price of the boat:

OPTION PACKAGES – Many dealers offer a package that includes rigging and commissioning, and options that may also include the outboard, which in itself substantially increases the price of the boat. Knowing their customer base, Tattoo Dealers will frequently add the options they know are needed for the local conditions. The dealer package therefore, may include additional items which are not included on the manufacturer’s standard U.S. suggested pricing.

TRAILERS – In many countries, the U.S. trailer has to be modified or replaced by the dealer, in order to comply with local requirements.

MODIFICATIONS FOR EUROPE – The boats offered for sale in Europe have been significantly changed to comply with both local and CE standards. The dealer’s price reflects the cost of these changes.

SHIPPING, HANDLING, AND DUTY – The dealer price includes the cost of shipping. There are many hidden costs associated with shipping a boat such as drayage and container handling, documentation, insurance, export fees, charges for loading and unloading the boat, and delivery of the boat from the port to the dealer. As only one boat fits into a container this cost is considerable. In addition to these expenses, dealers pay duty and tax on the total invoiced amount of the boat, trailer, and freight.

TAXES – The factory price does not include any sales or value added tax. The dealer price frequently includes tax.

We suggest that you ask your dealer the specific reasons for the price difference.


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How do I become a dealer?

If you are interested in a dealership we would ask the following information from you in order to be considered:

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